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The Penthouses at Goldwynn: Beachfront Luxury in Nassau, Bahamas

Updated: Sep 26, 2023


The Penthouses at Goldwynn beckon those seeking the pinnacle of luxury living in Nassau, Bahamas. Offering 39 exclusive penthouse suites, this premier development promises to redefine beachfront living with awe-inspiring ocean views, meticulous design, and a host of exceptional amenities. Let's delve into what makes these penthouses a remarkable investment opportunity.

Luxurious Living at Its Finest:

Immerse yourself in modern luxury as you set foot within The Penthouses at Goldwynn. These residences combine contemporary elegance with breathtaking natural beauty, creating a truly unmatched living experience. Equipped with private elevators and boasting 12-foot ceilings, these penthouses exude an atmosphere of grandeur and exclusivity.

Unparalleled Amenities:

The Goldwynn Penhouses offer an array of exclusive amenities to enhance residents' lifestyles. Whether it's relaxing by the infinity-edge pool overlooking the azure Caribbean Sea, indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment, or maintaining an active routine at the state-of-the-art fitness center, every facet of luxurious living has been meticulously crafted to ensure residents' contentment.

A Prime Beachfront Location:

Situated in the coveted Cable Beach area, The Penthouses at Goldwynn enjoy a truly convenient location. Just a stone's throw away from the largest casino in the Caribbean, a prestigious golf course, over 25 world-class restaurants, downtown Nassau, Paradise Island, and other major points of interest, residents will revel in the vibrant lifestyle offered by this beachfront haven.

Why Invest in the Bahamas:

The Bahamas has long been recognized as an idyllic island-hopping destination, celebrated for its pristine beaches, exceptional sport fishing, and magnificent coral reefs. Beyond its natural allure, here are ten compelling reasons to consider investing in the Bahamas:

1. Premier Banking and Financial Center: The Bahamas is a reputable hub for banking and financial services in the Caribbean.

2. Proximity to the United States: Located just 55 miles off the coast of mainland US, the Bahamas offers convenient accessibility to North America.

3. Familiarity and Ease: English is the official language in the Bahamas, and the country accepts US currency. Real estate laws are also comparable to those in the United States, ensuring ease of transaction.

4. Political Stability: The Bahamas boasts a peaceful and stable democracy, providing a secure and reliable environment for investors.

5. Compliant Legislation: The nation upholds compliant legislation and maintains a consultative legislative approach.

6. Favorable Tax Environment: The Bahamas levies no local taxes on capital gains, inheritance, corporate and personal income, dividends, and interest.

7. Investment Incentives: The government proactively provides incentives to promote investments, creating a favorable environment for businesses and individuals.

8. Skilled Workforce: The Bahamas boasts a highly trained, predominantly English-speaking workforce, facilitating business operations and ensuring quality service delivery.

9. Essential Services and Infrastructure: The country offers modern infrastructure, essential public services, and world-class healthcare facilities.

10. Cosmopolitan Lifestyle: Nassau, the capital city, embraces a cosmopolitan atmosphere, catering to sophisticated tastes with its abundant amenities and telecommunications services.


The Penthouses at Goldwynn epitomize elegance, luxury, and exclusivity in Nassau, Bahamas. From the stunning ocean views and exclusive amenities to the strategic location within the vibrant Cable Beach area, this development sets a new benchmark for beachfront living. Adding to the allure, the benefits of investing in the Bahamas, including its stable political climate, advantageous tax environment, and proximity to the United States, make it an ideal choice for those seeking a truly exceptional investment opportunity. Embrace the unparalleled beauty of the Bahamas and embrace a life of luxury at The Penthouses at Goldwynn.

Written by Silvina Andrews

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