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The second wave of corona again poses special challenges for the global economy - and for the real estate sector. Nevertheless, owners who are considering selling their property can still have peace of mind: Thanks to digital technology, Engel & Völkers can safely provide you with the same reliable, transparent and comprehensive advice in times of crisis as you have been used to from us for over 40 years. In the following we will show you how we continue to be at your service thanks to digital valuations and virtual consultations: Digital means safety for you

To get a precise and transparent valuation of your property, you will need a real estate expert. For this purpose, we have developed a procedure with which you can obtain a price estimate for your property safely and professionally, even in the current times of crisis.

Initial consultation without obligation If you cannot or do not want to visit us in one of our local shops due to the current situation, we will of course contact you by phone, email or Google Meet. Google Meet in particular, thanks to its video function, is a great way for you to meet your estate agent face to face. Just like during a visit to one of our shops, we will discuss the sales objectives and expectations you have for the sale of your house - only that you can do all this safely from home. The advantages for you:

  • Maximum safety with consistently excellent service

  • No app installation necessary - all you need is a laptop or PC with internet

  • Our real estate agents can share their screen with you - for example during presentations

Valuation and digital property presentation Once you have decided to let Engel & Völkers handle the sale, it is time for the valuation of your property, during which your real estate agent will assess the market value of the house or condominium. To do this, simply contact us by e-mail, telephone or in one of our local shops and let us know that you would like to have your property valued. During this consultation, we will clarify the relevant preliminary details about the property, such as its location, year of construction or structural condition. The next step is to get photographs of the property: This entails you sending us informative photos of the property and its surroundings. Alternatively, you can also show our real estate agent around your property via Facetime, so that he or she can get a more detailed impression of it. Based on the data provided and available comparable properties, the real estate agent will then comprehensively assess the value of your property and advise you in a further digital appointment on the optimal asking price at which you should market your property. The actual valuation, which involves the real estate agent inspecting your property in order to determine an asking price, can also take place on site - of course under strict observance of hygiene measures such as adhering to minimum distances and wearing a mask. This is followed by the so-called property presentation, which is again done digitally via Google Meet: Here your real estate agent will give you a detailed and transparent overview of what your property is currently worth on the property market. Of course, you can adjust the asking price at your discretion. Most of the subsequent sales steps can also be performed digitally. Thanks to our digital services, we continue to be there for you even in times of crisis!

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